Primark a/w lookbook

Check out these looks from Primark's autumn/winter collection! Most garments will be in stores in September. They're expecting a cold winter, if you look at all those garments with fake fur.  I love the look with the blouse, shorts and lace booties. The black dress with gold embellished shoulders looks great too. Cheap never looked this good!


Images courtesy of Primark.

Trends: cape, fake fur, lace booties, animal prints, leather, lace, black, nudes, knits

Primark The Netherlands: Rotterdam
Primark Belgium: Mediacité, Luik (Liège)


  1. do you know the price of the dress which is black and has a white collar? thank you xoxo

  2. sure, I looked it up for you ;-) the price is £15. I'll try to add price information in the future..

  3. awh thank you very much, love the blog by the way xoxo


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