Olivia Palermo for Mango a/w 2010

Here they are, the campaign shots of the Mango holiday 2010 collection, featuring 'The City' star Olivia Palermo and her German model boyfriend Johannes Huebl.

Images courtesy of Mango.

I like the clothing but I don't like Olivia's makeup. It makes her look cold like an ice queen. Or maybe it's just because of her facial expression? I liked her work for Asos magazine better.

On working together, Olivia told Mango: “We enjoy working together, and I think photographers love to see the chemistry.”
Well, I don't see much of that either. Even though they're supposed to look like a couple, which they are in real life, they look cold and distant towards each other. Or maybe that was the whole point? Anyway, that wouldn't be the message I would want to share for the Holiday season, Mango.


Behind the scenes video:


  1. I love love love Olivia!
    She's gorgeous!

    x Krizia


  2. I think she's gorgeous too, I'm just not that fond of how she looks in this shoot.. Her boyfriend looks hotter in the video too..


Thank you for your comments! :)

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