My thoughts on Eurovision 2010

I don't really like Eurovision. The quality of the songs are bad most of the time and don't get me started on the fairness of the voting. Because of that, I never watch it. But it's really hard to escape, since you hear and read about it everywhere.

I'm shocked and totally emberrassed for most of the songs that had to represent Belgium. And then those ridiculous outfits that come with them! I mean, Ishtar, really??!

But not this year. No, this year is something different. I'm not emberrassed of this year's entry, instead I am proud. Tom Dice's 'Me and my Guitar' is a warm and authentic ballad about his first and last love: music. And I can actually feel it. He doesn't need background vocals or flashy dance moves to grasp your attention or cover up false notes. It literally is just Tom and his guitar, with pure notes! He also stands out from all the other songs and I really think he has and deserves a chance of winning.

That's why, dear European peeps, if you feel the same, please vote for Belgium's entry: Tom Dice "Me and my Guitar" in the finals this Saturday! Thank you!

Performance 1st semi-finals:

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